Demo Studio7 Post
A volume is a data storage area accessible through the network. It can be located in a company connected to Internet or in a data center. Read the volume documentation for more details about volumes.

Studio 7 - Comp & Post Production



Rsync pattern rules are used to include or skip specific files or directories during the synchronization process.
+ included_file
- excluded_file 
Check out the documentation about rsync filters
# From the references sent by the producer,
# we take the color key shots and the
# storyboard

+ /refs/
+ /refs/animatic/
+ /refs/animatic/**
+ /refs/color/
+ /refs/color/**
+ /refs/storyboard/
+ /refs/storyboard/**

# the rsync option --delete is set on this
# link so the producer can also delete or
# rename the files on our side
# we want to receive the output rendered
# images from the studio which does the
# lighting and rendering where the render
# farm is located

+ /renders/
+ /renders/++

# we add the --delete so the render farm can
# render again in place (using the same
# folders, removed frame are also deleted on
# target)
# This studio receives a local copy of the
# specific tools used by the production

+ /tools/
+ /tools/**

# The option rsync --delete is used on this
# link so we get an exact copy of the
# producer's tools (continuous integration)


aN/aN/aN aN:aN:aN emitted queued


aN/aN/aN aN:aN:aN received queued


aN/aN/aN aN:aN:aN (NaN'NaN")


Rsync provides a wide range of options to customize its behaviour and to control various aspects of file transfer. Check out the documentation about rsync options
--recursive --times --omit-dir-times --update


  • 05/10/23 13:33:37 GMT
    An ERROR was FIXED
  • 05/10/23 13:33:47 GMT
    Studio7 Post was DISABLED
  • 05/10/23 15:05:29 GMT
    Studio7 Post was ENABLED
  • 20/05/24 09:36:23 GMT
    Studio7 Post is ENABLED and OPERATIONAL



Host Name

Your current public IP address is

SSH Port Number

User Name

To authorize a hub to access a volume, its public SSH key can be instaled in `.ssh/authorized_keys` under the user's account on the volume.

ssh-rsa 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 demohub@syncplanet


"_id": "vol_01FWEWD03NV0MR3MCM6V57ZRAH",
"agentExitTime": "2023-10-05 13:33:47+00:00",
"agentStartTime": "2023-10-05 15:05:29+00:00",
"agentStatus": "on",
"author": "support",
"bytesRemaining": 22957802787,
"bytesTotal": 39582418599,
"bytesUsed": "16624615811",
"dockerImage": "syncplanet/sync2:1.1.1",
"enable": true,
"error": 0,
"geoloc": [5.4125,43.3178],
"lastConnectionStatusChange": 1696512817000,
"lastErrorStatusChange": 1696512817000,
"longName": "Studio 7 - Comp & Post Production",
"name": "7postprod",
"shortName": "Studio7 Post",
"time": 1639132494353,
"version": "1.1.1"
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