Sharing data over Internet

feature.1 Synchronization of the connected sites. Continuous and multi-directional
feature.2 Management of transfer queues, priorities and errors
feature.3 Integration with existing pipelines (API) SHOTGUN, Maya, RV etc

Tracker Plan

tracker user interface

The private tracker keeps logs about the files and their synchronization on the connected sites.

  • Handle packs of files and priorities
  • Search by attributes and regular expressions
  • Multi-users, API (Python, Javascript, curl) and CLI

Site Plan


A site shares a local file storage with a tracker through its Internet link.

  • Located in a business or in a datacenter
  • Accessed using rsync protocol to transfer and discover files
  • Make your site visible to the tracker of your choice



White Fang (2018) ×1 ×6 ×20 months

Synchronization of 5 studios + 1 file storage in a datacenter for backup and relay for 2 extra studios.

The pipeline used SHOTGUN for schedules and approvals. 205399 elements (files and sequences of images) were synchronized. 3D feature film produced by Superprod

Circus (Paris, FR), Onyx (Luxembourg), Pipangaï (La Réunion, FR), Ejt/Streedlab (Gérardmer, FR), Solidanim (Bordeaux, FR), Toonkit (Angoulême, FR), Tu Nous ZA Pas Vus (Arles, FR).

Zombillenium (2017) ×1 ×5 ×24 months

Synchronization of 4 studios + 1 file storage in a datacenter. Extended features: file lock and revision control. SHOTGUN and RV for scheduling and reviews. 1,538,802 files where synchronized during the production of this 3D feature film.

2 Minutes (Paris, FR), 2 Minutes (Angoulême, FR), Dreamwall (Charleroi, BE), Pipangaï (La Réunion, FR).

(fr) » Focus on Zombillénium feature film pipeline @ Mediakwest


Cyber Group Studios ×1 ×2

Synchronization of the studio with 1 file storage in a datacenter for backup and relay for contractors.

CyberGroupStudios (Paris, FR), Adeyes Animation (Thiruvananthapuram, IN), Studio CGS (Tunis, TU), Studio GDC (Shanghaï, CN), Spacetoon Animation (Kuala Lumpur, MY) could produce using this method the 3D TV series Tatonka, Zou seasons 1 and 2, Zazie, Mia, Zorro Chronicles.


logo superprod

The system allowed us to share the tree of our project during the production between the 7 studios and to add a backup server in data center automatically synchronized with the data of each of them
Lucie Bolze
Line Producer, Superprod

logo 2 minutes

The technology deployed has allowed artists on different sites to work as if they were in one place. The update of the remote sites was done in a few minutes average.
Jean-Michel Spiner
Director, 2 Minutes