Demo Studio1 Prod
A volume is a data storage area accessible through the network. It can be located in a company connected to Internet or in a data center. Read the volume documentation for more details about volumes.

Studio 1 - Producer



Rsync pattern rules are used to include or skip specific files or directories during the synchronization process.
+ included_file
- excluded_file 
Check out the documentation about rsync filters
# The producer sends the software for the
# pipeline in continuous integration (CI):

+ /tools/
+ /tools/**

# The option: rsync --delete is set (see the
# eraser icon) to have an identical copy at
# destination (local file deletion and
# renaming at source are passed on
# destination)
# We send the references (design, bible,
# storyboard) to the other studios.
# The option rsync --delete is set because
# our studio is the only one to add files
# here, so we can delete and rename

+ /refs/
+ /refs/**
# The producer reviews the delivered files
# and copy them to the final folders if
# approved. We send these files to the
# server so they can be used by the next
# stage:

+ /asset/
+ /asset/**
+ /sequence/
+ /sequence/**

# The producer is the only studio writing to
# these folders and would like to be able to
# make an identical copy in the other
# studios so we add the option rsync
# --delete
# The producer receives the published files
# from the other studios. If a file or
# directory name contains the characters
# "wip", we exclude it:

+ /pub/
+ /pub/asset/
+ /pub/sequence/
- *wip*
+ /pub/asset/**
+ /pub/sequence/**


aN/aN/aN aN:aN:aN emitted queued


aN/aN/aN aN:aN:aN received queued


aN/aN/aN aN:aN:aN (NaN'NaN")


Rsync provides a wide range of options to customize its behaviour and to control various aspects of file transfer. Check out the documentation about rsync options
--recursive --times --omit-dir-times --update


  • 05/10/23 13:33:02 GMT
    An ERROR was FIXED
  • 05/10/23 13:33:39 GMT
    Studio1 Prod was DISABLED
  • 05/10/23 15:05:29 GMT
    Studio1 Prod was ENABLED
  • 15/07/24 17:05:41 GMT
    Studio1 Prod is ENABLED and OPERATIONAL



Host Name

Your current public IP address is

SSH Port Number

User Name

To authorize a hub to access a volume, its public SSH key can be instaled in `.ssh/authorized_keys` under the user's account on the volume.

ssh-rsa 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 demohub@syncplanet


The studio 1 is the main studio
from where the director and the
technical team send the designs,
the pipeline tools and the
storyboard to the hub that
propagate the files to the
contractors. This studio then
waits for the incoming work to
be reviewed internally, where
the team will decide approvals
or request for retakes.
"_id": "vol_01FWEWD03P3J2H98TQ0Y4AXF3H",
"agentExitTime": "2023-10-05 13:33:39+00:00",
"agentStartTime": "2023-10-05 15:05:29+00:00",
"agentStatus": "on",
"author": "support",
"bytesRemaining": 18691697672,
"bytesTotal": 43980465111,
"bytesUsed": 25288767438,
"comment": "The studio 1 is the main studio\nfrom where the director and the\ntechnical team send the designs,\nthe pipeline tools and the\nstoryboard to the hub that\npropagate the files to the\ncontractors. This studio then\nwaits for the incoming work to\nbe reviewed internally, where\nthe team will decide approvals\nor request for retakes.\n",
"dockerImage": "syncplanet/sync2:1.1.1",
"enable": true,
"error": 0,
"geoloc": [2.38333,48.91667],
"image": "syncplanet/sync2:1.1.1",
"lastConnectionStatusChange": 1696512782000,
"lastErrorStatusChange": 1696512782000,
"longName": "Studio 1 - Producer",
"name": "1prod",
"rsync_args": "--compress --progress --stats",
"rsync_args_dl": "--chmod=ugo=rwX",
"shell": "",
"shortName": "Studio1 Prod",
"time": 1603117017286,
"version": "1.1.1"
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