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40.96 TiB




On since aN/aN/aN aN:aN:aN GMT
Ok since aN/aN/aN aN:aN:aN GMT
tools ⬆️
# The producer sends the software for the pipeline
# in continuous integration (CI):

+ /tools/
+ /tools/**

# The option: rsync --delete (see the eraser icon)
# is set to have identical copies in the other
# studios
references ⬆️
# He sends the references (design, bible, storyboard)
# to the other studios
# The option rsync --delete is set because he is the
# only one to add files here, so he can remove files:

+ /refs/
+ /refs/**
approved and final ⬆️
# The producer reviews the delivered files and
# copy them to the final folders if approved.
# We send these files to the server so they can
# be used by the next stage:


# The producer is the only studio writing to these
# folders and would like to be able to make an
# identical copy in the other studios so we add
# the option rsync --delete
deliveries ⬇️
# The producer receives the published files from
# the other studios. If a file or directory name
# contains the characters "wip", we exclude it:

+ /pub/
+ /pub/asset/
+ /pub/sequence/
- *wip*
+ /pub/asset/**
+ /pub/sequence/**


aN/aN/aN aN:aN:aN emitted queued


aN/aN/aN aN:aN:aN received queued


aN/aN/aN aN:aN:aN (NaN'NaN")


ssh-rsa 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 demohub@syncplanet

"_id": "vol_01FWEWD03P3J2H98TQ0Y4AXF3H",
"agentStatus": "on",
"author": "support",
"bytesRemaining": 18691697672,
"bytesTotal": 43980465111,
"bytesUsed": 25288767438,
"comment": "",
"enable": true,
"error": 0,
"geoloc": [2.38333,48.91667],
"longName": "Studio 1 - Producer",
"name": "prod",
"private": true,
"rsyncVersion": "3.1.2",
"rsync_args": "",
"shortName": "Studio 1 Prod",
"time": 1603117017286,
"tracker": "trk_01FWETXZFRX9M0GA184CMV85AM",
"url": ""
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